Nordisk resolution gällande upphovsrätten

Under det nordiska fackförfattarmötet i Ystad antog de deltagande organisationerna en resolution mot artikel 12 i Direktivet om upphovsrätt på den digitala inre marknaden. Detta då artikeln strider mot upphovsrättsliga principer.

Resolution against article 12 in the Digital Single Market directive (pdf-version)

The Nordic organizations for non-fiction and textbook writers gathered in Ystad Saltsjöbad, Sweden, discussed the proposal for the Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market COM (2016)0593.

We express our deepest concern for article 12 in the proposal. Article 12 would give publishers a new right to claim a share of the compensation paid for uses of works under an exception or limitation.

Article 12 should not be executed because:

  • It is against the basic principles of copyright.
  • It limits contractual freedom to the detriment of the weaker party in an unprecedented way.
  • It would cause serious market disturbances and set authors and publishers unnecessarily against one another.
  • It would weaken the livelihood of authors.
  • It would also be very burdensome and costly to implement in practice.
  • It would destroy well-functioning national cultural structures.

We, the undersigned organizations, appeal to the Members of the European Parliament to delete the article 12 from the DSM-directive.

Dansk forfatterforening – The Danish Authors’ Society
Kalaallit Atuakkiortut, Den Grønlandske Forfatterforening – Greenlands Writers’ Union Hagþenkir – The Association of Icelandic Non-fiction Writers
Sakprosasektionen Minerva, Sveriges Författarförbund – Non-fiction section Minerva, Swedish Writers’ Union
Norsk faglitterær forfatter og oversetterforening - The Norwegian Non-fiction Writers And Translators Association
Rithøvundafelag Føroya – The Association Faroe Islands’ Writers
Suomen tietokirjailijat ry – The Association of Finnish Non-fiction Writers
Sveriges Läromedelsförfattares Förbund – The Swedish Association of Educational Writers

The organizations,signees of this resolution, represent altogether over 13000 Nordic non-fiction and textbook writers.

29 september 2017